Ireland Trip Planning

Planning a trip to Ireland and need some help with your itinerary? Maybe you just want a bit of advice from some experts. Perhaps travel planning isn’t your thing and you just wish someone would do it for you.

We’re not travel agents. We’re just passionate about Ireland and we know almost every inch of the country well. Since IrishJaunt launched, we’ve gotten lots of questions from readers about their trips to and around Ireland. Many have asked for help, advice or just the “insider scoop” on places that are a little more unusual.

To that end, IrishJaunt now offers cheap Ireland trip planning advice. Whether you just need a few pointers on your pre-existing itinerary or want us to design your whole trip, we’re here to help!

IrishJaunt’s Trip Planning Services

  • Custom Irish itinerary design – we’ll chat with you about your interests and personality and help you design the perfect trip to or around Ireland.
  • Advice on preexisting Irish itineraries – if you’ve already made your plans but need help with the fine-tuning, just send us what you’ve got and we’ll give our expert advice and input.
  • Irish packing lists – hate packing? We’ll create you a custom Ireland packing list based on your style and itinerary!
  • Irish accommodation/sightseeing/dining/pub lists – we’ll put together an extensive insider list of the best places to eat/drink/see/sleep in Ireland based on your personal preferences and itinerary!

Need something else we haven’t listed above for your trip to Ireland? We can probably help with that, too! Just get in touch with us and we can get started planning your perfect trip to Ireland straight away.

Because every itinerary, list and trip is different, we cannot provide you with a price list for the above services. However, we can make one promise that we do everything within our power to be as affordable as possible. Prices can range from $25-200, depending on what you need!

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