Welcome to IrishJaunt. This site was created by a Hiberno-American couple, Bill (journalist) and Megan (travel writer). We love travel. We love Ireland. And we hate the stereotypes, clichés and bad graphics that often go along with other travel sites about Ireland.

We’re here to bring you the real Ireland – from cliffs to cobblestones, and everything in between.

Inside IrishJaunt you’ll find:

  • Reviews and previews of Ireland’s cultural happenings in Culture
  • The many great things to eat and drink around the country in Taste
  • Journey-necessities like sweet boutique hotels and cheap flight fares in Trip
  • Daytrips, getaways and stuff to see nearby Ireland in Away
  • Stunning views to creepy crypts and other sightseeing and outdoor delights in Scenery
  • Intelligent coverage of the best goings on in urban Ireland in City
  • Pints of stout, strange stories, fun festivals and all ’round good times in Craic

You might also want to learn more about the groovy couple behind IrishJaunt, so here are links to our author pages:

Megan Eaves
Bill Lehane

We are also grateful to have many photos by talented photographer Tag Christof featured on IrishJaunt.

For editorial or advertising queries, to make a gripe or a correction, or to just generally say hello, please contact info [at] irishjaunt [dot] com. You can read our legal disclaimer here.

This is a leprechaun-free zone.

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