Worst St. Patrick’s Day photos…of animals?

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Well…almost. But here at IrishJaunt, it takes very little to put us into celebratory mode and just thinking about all those well-deserved pints of Guinness this weekend has got me feeling pretty festive.

To that end, I decided to have some fun.

So, I started scouring Flickr for the best St. Patrick’s Day photos from around the world. I ran across some interesting pictures but, as I went, I began seeing a strange and unnerving trend. It seems there is a dark world out there where people dress up their pets for Paddy’s Day and post them all over the interweb. It was all much too disturbing not to share, so I offer here some of the worst St. Patrick’s Day photos of animals for you all to see and… enjoy? Fear? Laugh at?

Whatever. I hope you have a drink in your hand for these. Sláinte!

Photo: Matthew Roberts

Photo: Dee Doucette

Photo: Ishikawa Ken

Photo: Flickr user _rockinfree

Photo: Flickr user barriebarrie

Photo: Flickr user theq47

Photo: Flickr user dharmabumx

Photo: Flickr user lumag00

Photo: Talk Radio News Service

Photo: Jenn and Jon

Photo: Flickr user Sister72

Photo: Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Photo: donnaidhe_sidhe

Photo: Kevin Oliver

Photo: Smithsonian's National Zoo

Photo: Troy B. Thompson

Photo: Logan Ingalls

Photo: Gary Elrod


Photo: Garry Knight

Photo: Stacy Lynn Baum

Photo: Eric n6oim



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  2. This is some collection! And with St Patricks Day just a week away, it will be interesting to see what weird and whacky animal costumes will be spotted at the many parades that will be happening up and down the country!

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