Dublin in Pictures – A #FriFotos Montage

For those of you that don’t know the ultimate pain and wonder that is Twitter, there is a weekly conversation of sorts called #FriFotos. Started by Jonathan Epstein (@EpsteinsTravels), Twitter users from all over the world come together to share their photos on a given theme (usually announced the Tuesday prior), using the hashtag #FriFotos to follow and share together. You can read more about the rules of #FriFotos here.

Photo by Jerry "Woody"

Photo: Jerry "Woody"

This week’s theme happens to be CAPITALS, which could easily be interpreted in a variety of ways. But we’re taking the chance today to celebrate our beautiful Irish capital city, Dublin.

The many photos you see here are a collection of those we’ve taken ourselves and many we’ve found shared through Creative Commons licenses on Flickr. God bless the talented photographers who chose to photograph Dublin’s fair city and share them so generously. To find out more about each photographer, click on the photo. You can also hover over each to find out where it was taken.

Dublin by night

Photo: Martin Abegglen

Irish National Botanical Gardens

Photo: IrishJaunt

Dublin castle

Photo: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

Dublin chimneys

Photo: IrishJaunt

Dublin Luas tram

Photo: Flickr/LenDog64

Drumcondra in autumn

Photo: IrishJaunt

Dublin Docklands & Customs House at sunset

Photo: William Murphy

The Temple Bar, Dublin

Photo: IrishJaunt

Dublin spire at sunset

Photo: William Murphy

Dublin Horse Show at the RDS

Photo: IrishJaunt

Black and white bench
Reflections of Westmoreland Street

Photo: Stephen Heron

Sunset over the River Liffey

Photo: Daniel Flower

Kilmainham Gaol

Photo: Tony Hisgett

Revellers outside Doheny & Nesbitt

Photo: Chris Sansenbach

Temple Bar

Photo: Flickr/Seba Sofariu

Drunken tourists

Photo: Flickr/LenDog64

The Great Court, Trinity College

Photo: Steve Cadman

Phoenix Park in autumn

Photo: Flickr/RedCraig

Grafton Street

Photo: Beatrice Tiberi

Morning in Rathmines

Photo: Peter Brown

The Brazen Head

Photo: Adrian Purser

Croke Park

Photo: Sean MacEntee



  1. Great compilation of photos that evoke the spirit of Dublin.

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