5 Reasons to Love Ireland

As if you really need a reason, right?

Today is May 23, 2011. Also known in the Twitterverse as #IRLDay and in the general media as the day that President Barack Obama visits Ireland.

Photo by Flickr user catsper

He’s going to give a historic speech from the steps of College Green on Dublin’s Dame Street, meet with Irish leaders and he’ll be choppered out to his ancestral village, Moneygall in Co. Offaly to check out his great great great great great great (?) grandfather’s parish church and have a pint at Ollie Hayes’.

Photo by William Murphy

College Green preps for Obama’s visit

Now, here at IrishJaunt, we’ve opted to try and stay away from a lot of the cliches so often associated with Ireland. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s just say there will be no stealing of any gold around here. But the fact remains that some of the best things about Ireland also tend to be a little bit…well…cliche.

So today, we’re going to celebrate those cliches. We’re going to try and forget the rain and the financial crisis and the corrupt leaders for a second, and we’re going to get down in the bog and positively roll around in those lovely iconic images, because when it comes right down to it, you can never, ever have too much of a good thing. (But there still won’t be any leprechauns on this list, sorry to disappoint.)

Verdant Countryside

Otherwise known as “rolling green hills”, Ireland’s emerald landscape is probably the country’s most famous feature. Sure, it may be windy. And of course muddy. And there are always crazy-eyed sheep, and sometimes crazy-eyed locals, but until you’ve actually felt the sting of green so green it hurts your eyes, you haven’t experienced Ireland.


If you don’t like trad, I can’t help you. But really, traditional Irish music is just good for your soul. I think that is because it tends to be so organic. Sure, if you go into a certain unmentionable green eyesore in Temple Bar, all you’re going to hear is piped crap, but go into the right pub on any given night and you are going to be serenaded by a hotchpotch group of accordions, guitars, tin whistles, fiddles, banjos, drums and, if you’re very lucky, spoons. It’s pure magic.


I don’t think I need to justify this one. There it is. If you can watch that video and not want a pint of the stuff, I’d suggest letting an Irish doctor sort you out.


The Irish brand of English is truly unique. Sometimes a bit difficult for outsiders to understand, especially because of all the slang that is thrown so loosely around. And almost every county, sometimes even town or region, has its own accent, so there are literally dozens of different types of English in Ireland. What a glorious thing.

The Irish

Enough said!

Why do you love Ireland? Leave us a comment below and let us know!



About Megan Eaves

Travel writer and wanderluster, Megan Eaves is the author of two travel guidebooks and runs the Irish travel website http://www.irishjaunt.com. Having traveled to 25 countries and lived in five, she is an expert on Ireland, China and the American Southwest, where she grew up. She also often writes about her adventures around Europe, especially London, where she is currently living.


  1. What a great post…I could be here all day! Things I also love about Ireland…sloe gin, Irish football, sunsets that don’t happen until 11:00 p.m. in summer, storytellers, walking through country fields in wellingtons, rainbows…it’s endless!

  2. Nicte-Ha KantĂșn

    I love Irish pubs! I love all the five things you said about it too. It’s just that the country is charming and is easy to fall in love with it.I love your website too!
    Btw, I couldn’t see the last two videos. It would be nice if you could update it.

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